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I am Iain Blair, the founder of Redrambler. The first question I always get asked is 'why Redrambler'? Well I'm a huge fan of football and countryside walks, as red is the colour of the team I support, Redrambler seemed the logical choice!



I am Jackie Byrne and I have known and worked with Iain for ten years.

I welcomed his invitation to join Redrambler as a Consultant.



I am Paula Bailey.

I have worked in the field of School Business Management for over 20 years and joined Redrambler as a Consultant in 2022.



Our ethos is 'helping schools achieve more'. We do this by providing consultancy services to Schools and Academies.


For details of our services please see the Our Services Page


If you're looking for help at your school or academy, why not contact us?

"School business leaders have significant responsibilities for financial and operational strategic management, so it is essential that they receive quality advice from professionals who understand the Education sector. Iain Blair was my predecessor as Chair of the Manchester Secondary Schools Business Managers’ Forum for a period of five years and was elected by his peers as it was clear that his wealth of experience and detailed financial knowledge would prove invaluable in leading the forum of schools."

Iain Gosling, Former Chair

North West Business Leaders’ Forum

c/o Our Lady’s RC High School

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"Iain's knowledge, support and advice in respect to School Business Management is informed and supportive. His recent top tip helped us to obtain a significant refund from a utility supplier.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Jacqueline Elliott

Business Manager

Trinity C of E High School

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